“Barking Hours,” Hotel Amerika (Winter, 2019)

“Halfway Between,” York Literary Review (Fall, 2018)

“Rock and Roll High School,” Little Patuxent Review (Summer, 2018)

“Dear Brother,” StorySouth(Spring, 2018)

“Like a One-Eyed Cat,” The Oxford American(Summer, 2015) 

“Superman Dam Fool,” The Pinch (Winter, 2015) 

“The Junk Trade,” Guernica Magazine (Fall, 2014) 

“Arrow of Light” in The Oxford American (Winter, 2013) 

“Thirteenth Street and Failing,” (Issue 10.1, Redivider,2012) 

“Rain Over Memphis,” Crazyhorse (Issue #812012) 


“Hallelujah Station,” ZONE 3 (Fall, 2018)

“Luces,” Master’s Review(2018)

“Rembrandt Behind Windows,” QU (2018)

“Thinning,” Dime Show Review(Spring, 2018)

“Shadow Play,” Booth Journal (Issue #7, 2014) 

“The Observer,” Dock Street Press (Winter,2014) 

“Deciduous,” Blood Lotus(Winter, 2013) 

“Heads Down,” Hobart (Issue #13, 2012) 

“Surface,” decomP(November 2011) 

Stage and Screen

Arrow of Light (2016)

Carousel  (2008)

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